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I like to share one of the best experience i had in my college,my college provided us training for infosys,one trainer came to our college to give training on verbal.
As her name is 'Kanchan' ,she is a awesome women i have ever come across,she is multi-disciplinarian,multi-talented women.I inspired very much from her speech,as i have mild stage fear,after her speech i just kickoff the fear from my body,she boosted our confidence,she spoke about 'Thomas Edison',the story behind his success and also about 'Lizzie Velasquez', after her speech she stated a statement that touched me is 'Fear everything,Face everything and rise',may be it is not to summit,but its sense a lot.
Finally,what i realize or what justified is "If we have right attitude,what ever may be we can get success in it".

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