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Recently i applied for a job and they asked me why i love programming and i answered like this Ohkay, programming is very similar to oil pantingwhich is my hobby, you look at something and you feel yes that was the thing which i want to create, sometimes some other people suggest you- Hey look at that poster it would look real cute on canvas and immediately you began to imagine it in your mind, what changes you could bring, the color schemes, the shadings you start imagining the way you want it to be and you start working over it. Same goes with an application, you got some idea you start working on it , on the way you experiment, changes things which would improve it and when the app is released you feel proud , yes i did it With every assignment completion there is a feeling of satisfaction and in the end you learned so much and it gives some meaning to your life. And it keeps you motivated to do it once again you forgot all the frustration when got struck somewhere n searched and searched a way out. All pain is forgotten and all you feel is peace.

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