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I, ME and MY LIFE with MUSIC
When the pain strikes, the eyes are full;
When the music hits the mind, the pain seem to be very few,
I cry listening to you, coz you remind me of someone I knew.
My heart dances, my mind refreshed;
My soul rejoices, my eyes glimmered,
When you touch me with your voice,
My tongue speaks the truth of unconscious choice.
I speak with you , I sleep with you, I cry with you , I laugh with you , I dance with you , I study with you. Each morning I wake up with you, each night I dream with you. You are the only one to accompany me when I am alone. You are always there with me every day, every time… anywhere, everywhere. You make me feel relax with your soft voice and remind me of my pleasant days. You make me cry, eyes full of tears bringing back the old wound open and fresh. But when I have the shitty day from college ,working my ass-off in the office, you are the only one to make me alive again and bring a smile on my face as I start humming the words with you, don’t care anymore where I am; in bus or train ?
You are my life, my love as my heart and soul are nothing without you anymore. You are my passion, my spirit, my desire , nothing can be compared more which can inspire. I don’t need anyone when you are there with me, but then there again I need somebody when you are with me!
I fall, I arise, with you in my heart, you are always by my side! People always leave as time passes by, but you keep growing and growing more and more , higher and higher , always there to keep some one alive!

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