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Ankit Jha, a soul that has constantly wandered amidst the emotions. As keen observer of the worldly scopes and scales, he has absorbed the potion of dark as well as the light. He is a simple, melodious human being, born to an Indian couple, tracing their roots back in Delhi. From aims as high as stars, to a personality so down to earth, he’s a humble, creative, imaginative, empathizing person, who is determined to fight depression from the face of earth. He firmly believes, pen has the power to empower the whole world to fight all the atrocities and make this world, a heaven to live in. He had a notion since a kid, that writing helped him bring out all the darkness residing within, helped him purify his soul. He has received acknowledgement for his intense plots and expression of pain, effectively on paper. He tries to display the most hidden emotions in a most agonizing way.

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