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Best IDE is for JS Framework
I have seen that many people are confused when they are picking up IDE for JavaScript or NodeJS. Now a days technology stack is moving from back-end coding to full stack. JavaScript is no more form-validation only. It is much more with the introduction of NodeJS (V8 Chrome Engine), where you can execute JavaScript in your terminal and see the results, instead of switching to browser. I remember, few years back when we write any JavaScript for our application, I struggled a lot in debugging, I used to add alerts to debug code. Later on, browser tools came for debugging, I was using mainly “firebug” provided from Mozilla Firefox.
Today, whole applications are building on JavaScript. Earlier JavaScript was known as OBS (OBJECT BASED STRUCTURE), but today with the introduction of ES6 AND ES7 (ECMASCRIPT 6,7), it took up OOPS CONCEPT as well. Only Inheritance is little challenging as far as I used. Now choosing IDE for our JS Application is quite tricky. I personally used four Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for JavaScript. I was very much familiar with Eclipse, so when I got chance to work on NodeJS project, I thought to leverage Eclipse for the same. So I installed nodeJS plugin for eclipse, but it was extremely wrong choice. Then I started follow my peers and picked up unregistered version of SUBLIME TEXT 3. It was black screen with colorful text, So I started enjoyed using it. We were getting hints, just like eclipse for Java, also you can explore the project with project explorer. You can install plugins as well. But I faced a lot of challenge to install plugin in Sublime Text.

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