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Nida faazalee ka Janmadin hai aur unka ye ek sher bada maujoon hai-

Har aadamee mein hote hain das-bees aadamee
Jisako bhee dekhana ho kaee baar dekhana...

It's been around 5 years working as an professional with IT based skills including different domains. During my entire experience so far one question which I faced most time is "Why can't you just keep working with particular skills and role ? Why you are changing your domain and role over and over again to have a entirely new beginning every time. People use to tell me that it's better to be master of Something than just being Jack of All Trades.
Even this is what i also get asked many times when tried with some different sort of Opportunities. But for me to grow yourself professionally you need to keen about learning new things. It is not about that if some one is developer and need to stick with that particular role and skills only. Even if you are sticking to specific roles you are learning new skills required for the same role just to increase your chances for any better possibility. Than why we are afraid of changing our roles and trying for something new ?
What I feel in this era of globalization competition is also not limited with bunch of people. It also went up globally. So why not to take all your chances and try to learn and do as much as you can. As any other super hero, You don't know what secret super powers you have. You will only come to discover them when you will be in competitive situation for a proper exposure to them. So try as much as you can learn as much you can go for various skills learn them do better and just keep trying. Opportunities are increasing with the growth in Start Up Sector and new Small & Mid Scale organizations.
One should be open to learn new thing, face new challenges and welcome new gig's for yourself.
I learned development with various programming languages worked in Bpo's, Also worked as support engineer. Worked as Professor for engineering students. Working as freelance author looking to publish novels, works in core IT talent acquisition and also working with start-ups as technical team member for assisting technical grad's. Love to learn work styles of different industries and like to add as many skills as I can in my professional spectrum.
I don't find anything wrong in this but yeah this is also not debatable that for the companies looking for candidates this is something may not make them feel confident about candidate as they them self get a perception for the candidate as one of unstable and highly dissatisfied resource which we not result any good to them. I believe this could be taken in this way that the person is open to learn anything new and this will definitely help the business to grow as with change in time learning new skills will definitely going to help the individual as well as the organization for which the individual is serving.

Really appreciate if some of you can help me with your intake on the above topic. What you feel for the same?

Ankit Thakur

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