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"Doctor, is everything okay?" Reha asked during her regular check-up.

"Yes, make sure you avoid taking stresses and lifting heavy loads. See the baby will be completing its seven months soon and if everything goes accordingly you will be welcoming the baby on 22nd March."

Everyone was happy. Two months more and a new member would be added in the family. This was the second child of Reha. She has a girl of a year old, Aarushi.

Aarushi wanted a brother and she made sure she gets one by praying everyday joining her little hands in front of the sun. That day Aarushi was playing on her bed. There was no one around her but pillows protected her from falling off the bed. Reha was preparing for Aarushi's dinner.

By now Aarushi knew how to stand up with the help of obstacle. She crossed over the pillow and was now on the floor crying. Reha rushed towards the room and took Aarushi in her arms. She forgot she had another living soul inside her who was at risk now! Reha was at pain. She was restless for the whole night. Next day she was taken to the hospital.

"Due to excessive loss of blood Reha is suffering from preterm labor. It may be stressful and scary but there is no choice left for us, we need to operate. Please sign on the agreement and give us the permission to operate". Her mother in law signed on the pages. Due to excessive blood loss there was an urgent need of blood.

"We have a shortage of B+ve blood. We are trying our best but you can also cooperate because at this stage it is very difficult to save both of them!" There was a rush in the hospital. A man was continuously observing the family standing outside the operation theatre. He lost his wife while she was giving birth to a girl last night. The man went inside the doctor's cabin, "Doctor take my blood, its B+ve and save both of them". The doctor registered him for giving his blood. After a long operation, everyone heard the cry of a baby boy and the good news was spreading smiles of relief.

This is somewhat similar to how I welcomed my baby brother. Had there not been that Man, I would have lost my mother and brother. There is a bond that exist between us- 'Humanity'. Family is not only about four people living together in a house, but everyone around you. I can never forget that Man and he will always remain in my family prayers. We throw garbage outside our house and entitle our self as cleaned. But, what about the environment where we are exposing our self. Cleaning your car by throwing plastics on the road-'Not fair'. We should try being selfless because not every act needs a return. Try broadening yourself from Newton's third law. Today if he is suffering, maybe next day I will be suffering and nobody likes to be mocked.

I thereby urge the stronger ones to come forward and help the weaker sections of the society. If you are strong enough to fearlessly stand against wrong doers step forward for your brothers.

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