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Being a MAN!

Our society is highly conflicted with ideas of how things are supposed to be! Something which promotes Gender Stereotypes in our society. In our society a man is “expected” to be a certain way which if the man is not ready to be is called names or outrightly termed as “feminine” or “sissy”. These exaggerated beliefs in our society mould men into dominant, misogynistic and aggressive “humans”. Men who refuse to be a part of this mob mentality are outcasted thus, there develops a pressure on these men to behave in physically imposing and unrestrained ways. These stereotypes are the reason many men are not able to pursue many things in life. As who would appreciate a soft-hearted, warm and welcoming man who respects everyone and knows how to be ambitious without harming anyone else?
I say these gender stereotypes should promptly decay for we are no one to decide how a fellow human is to behave or what is he or she to supposed to pursue! Our mothers should raise a man who knows how to respect and still stand up for himself. Our fathers should teach him to not only be a man but to also be GENTLE! And we of all should make sure that the males around us don’t stay under the wrong impression that it is necessary for them to be under the exaggerated beliefs of hyper masculinity. For such poisons are spread to our roots and it is necessary for us to remove them as they have done enough damage to the humongous tree, OUR SOCIETY!

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