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Long before the critics39 pounced on the the Banaras tale with the searing, scathing criticism, deluded it with an extremely massive dose of exorbitantly heavy duty words impassioned, irrational, thinly disguised male supremacist and stirred the blatant narrative of it into the cauldron of gender stereotyping and misogyny, the purported charm of the cupid lover boy could only do so much as to compel every iota of my being to watch the disillusioned, dramatically dry story of 39Ranjhanaa39. Until I came across the Sunday Story in The Hindu that ignited the blistering flames of unrequited love. I would be lying if I say that the Sunday Story did not ignite me, because it really did. In every figurative sense of it. So much I could almost feel the blisters, coercing me to experience the frenzy of the terrifying love persistence. The partial lunacy that I nurtured and cultivated before I finally watched 39Ranjhanaa39 would have been justified had I found anything that could have made just a scant sense of whatever it wanted to portray in the first place. Such was the futility and absurdity of the plot but more of the ruckus brewed out of it by the movie critics, when I think of it, I had to exercise a great degree of self restraint to avoid turning off the television within less than half an hour of its cupid stupid drama. The characters, though human well, how obvious were flawed as much as humans are as much as the perceptions and narratives stitched out of it. If public opinion is anything to go by, Kundan39s character did not draw as much flak as Zoya39s she eventually became the recipient of 39popular39 criticism for being cold, manipulative and heartless. The fact that she did move on 8 years later the wrist-slitting incident couldn39t be easily shoved down the public39s throat. And neither her act of vengeance for the 39accidental39 murder of her boyfriend, Abhay Deol. She emerges as the ultimate conniving revenge-seeker, Only to later confess in public her shrewd plans and again resetting the compass of her morality. Kundan, is the lead, but in an inadvertently anti-hero sense. His character, though impulsive and irrational, is extremely baffling. And blown out of proportion, to say the least. The rancor and stir that he created in the intellectually sound hyper groups of movie critics is clearly reflective of the 39society-cum-patriarchy-cum-misogyny39 cliche And how I loath that I wonder if his and Zoya39s characters would have bred such uncertainties and creepiness in the minds of the audience and the critics alike, had the diabolical acts of rapes, stalking, voyeurism and physical assault had not been doing the rounds lately. The movie was probably nothing what was spawned out of it. It was brave, it was blatant. It was dark, it was devastating. The irrationality of the characters, their approach to the myriad of flagrant consequences was utterly puzzling. The misogyny cliche that emanated from the The Hindu people was a shoddy case of hyperbole totally uncalled for. The last thing- while I was watching the movie, my mother came up to me and asked,39 What39s with the furrowed brows39 39For every quarter of the movie, one furrow is added. You can imagine now.39 My take on Ranjhanaa, Disturbing,but not moving. And when a movie disturbs but doesn39t move, there is something that is not right

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