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Wisdom is often mistaken for imprudence. Rationality for insanity. Hopefulness for ignorance. And optimism, as in my case, for pessimism. One thing that appears mysteriously intriguing to me is the look of bewilderment when I say that I can39t do the thing that people, purportedly expect me to do. And what follows next is the barrage of some highly probable and monotonous questions Why so cynical Why this self-belittling Why don39t you believe in yourself Okay, first of all- I do believe in myself, I do trust myself, but not for those things that the world expects me to do. And secondly, When I say that I can39t do a specific thing, that DOESN39T always mean that I am being despondent or am selling short of myself. What people label as 39self distrust39 or pessimism is often the truth that I have tried to hold back for perhaps, too long. When I say that I cant fulfill the imposed task, that means that I don39t want to do it and that, is because I really can39t. And that, is because for the first time, I am trying to pull those scrambled bits of truth together that reflect that I am not meant to conform to your misconstrued standards of 39optimism39. Atleast I am not trying to cajole myself into believing that I can do all those whatever39s, because I know that I can39t. And I because I know that I wouldn39t. And because I know that I don39t want to. And yes, not everybody sees what I see.It might be a case of some revolting negativity for them, but ask me, that39s everything I need to wipe out the dilemmas and distress that I am grappling with. For it is that sheer 39negativity39 that could propel me to tread on the 39other39 path. The one which would conform to my standards of living. This is how I see myself- an emerging optimist, or a fading pessimist. Or maybe, a negative optimist.

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    • Have never seen anyone taking such a firm stand or take for own life !! I think only people who know themselves really really well, and believe in self, can take such stands.
      True, that what one sees, others don't. That's why we have - Perceptions. There are some who live whole life in perceptions, and then there are others who just create those perceptible lifes for those some.
      Optimism rocks! And at times it becomes the rock in one's life too. A big rock. Blocking the vision ahead.
      You are way to go !! ATB !!

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