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That was the time when words would spring their own accord. When self respect would not be confused with useless egos. When things would never be ruined for petty issues, or better, the appetite for making up for ruined things would never be lost. The time when the meaning of ending things was not known, let alone the nothingness be allowed to creep into the otherwise firm relations. When everything was genuine and nothing, absolutely nothing could put at bay that genuinity. When harbouring expectations inculcated a sense of contentment rather than fear. When trust had a greater life to serve. When not every other thing was looked upon with suspicion.When it took only seconds to blurt out every darn thing that consumed the mind. When conversations were not substitutes for a bitter verbal warfare. When the inoffensive quarrels could only last for few hours. When allegations and abuses were not hurled at the tiniest of things. When paranoia never existed. When everything was exactly the way it was. Of friends who never left side, Of teachers who always cared, and even of the enemies whose enemity hardly went beyond harmless gossips. Reeling still under the beautiful aftermath of those 14 wonderful years, absorbed in its striking intimidation, it was a spell of another magnitude. A perfect metaphor for genuinity, however uncanny it would be sometimes, only in rarity. That was everything that painted a vivid picture in some remote corners of the brain when that 6 lettered, probably the only word that feathers goosebumps on the skin till date, was muttered- SCHOOL. It came to an end. It had to. And around 3 years back when it did, it opened the gates to a much, much different world.Back then, the thought of a new beginning had drawn a much breathless hyperbole. Even ruminating about the future prospects had not seemed like a cakewalk. There were anticipations, expectations, confusions and so,so much more to it to augment the already hope-ful or -less situation. There were the ceaseless speculations about the less-troubled and more-fun filled life, which could only turn out to be like-partially true. And now,3 years hence, as an end to the much fudged life draws nearer, the antiquated feelings have begun to resurface with an alarming regularity. It has suddenly begun to feel 12th like, again. The scary feeling of being the oldest of people at work around, the wanton sense of helplessness to control the pace with which things are running out of hands, and time too, beyond imagination. It is all over the school thing again, only a hundred times more bestial and a thousand times less real. And unconditionally ,thoroughly unwanted- whatever it is in the first place. It has been terribly unflinching in its display of eerie-ness, the time now. Something that propels the old, innocent memories to barge with a feeble attempt to culminate into a more-like-past today, devoid of the benovelent despondency and the concoted honesty. What a hopeless culmination Even as I shamelessely denounce the latter phase of life it feels weird to mention it in a more comprehensible form , deep down I know, It would be terribly missed, once it gets over, whatever it is in the first place. Afterall, Things are easily said than done. Writing a mere note is no exception

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