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Books being a integral part of our growing up, are still a head on collision like experience for us. We, the parents, are more excited in buying and hoarding crazy coloured, inviting books for our twelthies. "Sunny boy look at this one. this has one more good question from chemical kinetics."
" No mommy i have enough already to make a bed of."
Nooo we don't listen. We promise ourselves not to pressurise our kids in the board days. I do this every morning.
In the evening, just trying to be cool and sound modest i end up asking my son, " kitna hua" . Ok look i dont force you to do anything. I love you so i just want you to know that the faster you finish this book the more you get to know that one. Do whatever you like to baby, ill never force you. Its your life my boy decide for yourself. Im there for you always.
And while leaving the room im always unconsciously and politely telling him," beta aur kuchh nai chahiye, bas NDA nikal lena."
Wow . I mean what consideration , eat whatever you like but don't touch nonveg.
But mom i love nonveg.
So its not children who are wasting money on books , its us the parents who love to hoard books so as to suppress our guilt of not being able to do it in life, under the weight of these books. Please stop it. Your children are live individuals first and then your guinea pigs...

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