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Leading a life competing with anything and everything possible under earth have you forgotten to really live your life Do you remember the last time you have silently watched the rain, enjoying each drop that falls to earth and shatters. when was it last that you have watched the dancing leaves of a tree ,how beautifully it dance left and right and awaits for the next passing wind. How long has it been since you have watched your silently sleeping parents or your children and saw them growing old day by day. And when was it the last time that you have actually talked to yourselves. If I ask this to 100 people am sure more than 70 will say SORRY I DONrsquoT HAVE TIME FOR ALL THESE. How pathetic isnrsquot it. Man earns knowledge, discover new things, Earn jobs all these are for making life simple and comfortable but at the end of the day you complicate it more and more. Pressure is building up so much that you actually donrsquot have time to live you donrsquot have time to smile. So put a halt to your life,.. take time to enjoy even the smallest of your happiness. Enjoy every fraction of a second, smile at every silly reason possible. Go for the craziest adventures possible in life. Enjoy every beauty that you see. Life is about those minute happinessrsquos that you can have, because you deserve to be happy. life is not about building up pressure ...ldquoLIFE IS ALL ABOUT CHASING DREAMS OR AT THE LEAST REALIZING YOUR DREAMS, LIVING OUT YOUR PASSION AND YOUR DESIRESrdquo. It is never late because, an unsatisfactory life is not a life but just a journey to death. And at the end your life will be full of regrets and unfulfilled dreams. so make it simple ..and live it complete...

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