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Areas Where You Can Use Doctor Loan
India is one of those countries which suffers from high income disparity and unequal distribution of medical supplies, and thus, setting up a medical practice here is quite difficult. It is generally presumed that a medical degree will help one to settle down well in life, but what poses the real challenge is establishing one’s own medical practice or the establishment in case no funding is available for this purpose. The WHO (World Health Organization) has previously reported that the country has a shortage of a minimum of 80, 000 hospital/medical beds. There is also a shortage of skilled doctors who have set up their practices all across the country. At present, India has just a single bed for a whopping 879 individuals. It is in these situations when a doctor’s loan can prove to be immensely beneficial. It is like a business loan that is available exclusively for medical practitioners, and can be utilized in multiple ways. These are some of the areas where a doctor loan can be put to use-

Buying new premises: In today’s rates, this can turn out to be an extremely daunting task, and needless to say, a huge financial strain. Since new businesses have limited economic resources, doctors can avail this loan to establish their practice.

Hiring staff: the medical staff encompasses a lot of people, from caretakers, technicians, support staff, to junior and senior doctors. Initially, staff payments may be a challenging job, and in such a scenario, a doctor’s loan will come to the rescue.

Working capital: while budgeting, one also needs to take into account daily expenses required for smooth functioning of the hospital/clinic. The doctor’s loan can be used to manage cash flows, which in turn will give a boost to the practice.

Marketing: in the contemporary world which is driven largely by mass media, marketing is of prime importance which creates total brand recall and identity amidst individuals who may require usage of the facilities that are available at your medical establishment. Advertisements can be placed across radio channels, newspapers, social media and other digital avenues, billboards and the like. This has certain expenditure involved but there could be attractive returns garnered as a result.

Buying equipment: Each specialty calls for different set of equipment, which is bound to take up a considerable portion of one’s budget. For example, an orthopedic doctor will need radiation equipment, whereas an ophthalmologist will require refractors and lens meter. Again, specialty clinics will essentially need to have advanced equipment. Thus, a doctor loan can provide the necessary capital tailored to meet your needs.

The takeover of high-deductible plans- these plans put more responsibility on the patient, and some even force them to cover the entire costs of expensive procedures, such as an MRI. Patients, however, do not usually make copayments on the same day as their appointments.

Competing with retail clinics/urgent care providers: a cell phone service provider can conveniently start sending letters and contact customers long after a bill is past due. On the other hand, medical practices generally send one billing statement a month and only start making phone calls 90 days after an appointment. This can possibly explained by the competition from retail health clinics and urgent care providers, which thrive on customer experience. They do not need to run after patients when it comes to arranging funds for paying the salaries of employees, the monthly bills and also the rentals. If a patient faces any kind of issues with a particular clinic, he/she will, in all likelihood, opt to turn to a clinic that promises immediate access, more hours and less demanding payment system, a patient of an urgent care clinic can seldom be heard voicing payment-related frustrations.

There are a number of benefits of getting a doctor loan. be it attractive interest rates, zero additional fees or charges, value-added services, ready line of credit, part/pre-payment facility, a doctor’s loan can go a long way in guaranteeing a successful medical practice, minus any financial crisis.

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