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You know ...memories are funny things. I have always found that u tend to remember the most insignificant little detail that happened yeras and years ago and yet can manage to forget something that happened yestersay. Me... well u know me...modest thing that I am...have an almost photographic memory for events and dates and stuff. I guess thats why i was always great at history but iam really bad with figures and all ...shows doesnt it I was abysymally bad at Mathematics....I have never yet forgotten a birthday or the date we met someone . I can remember the most complex of relationships and remmeber tiny little details that has been said to me about them. Most people dont seem to appreciate that however. To be honest , i would probably feel like creaming a person who remembers things that I would rather forget. When i first joined work was when i figured that i have a memory that i can rely on ..... I worked a counsellor and i used to remember every students names AND the date on which they joined. I was pretty surprised myself and used to toy with the idea of a tiny person sitting in my brain who caught all the names and dates in a net and stored in a box called MEMORY . However the down side was that i was so bad at remembering figures that people thought i was faking it There is another characteristic of memories. They ALTER according to the person who possesses them . The SAME time period or event is different for different persons. My memories of a particular wedding are filled with the excitement i felt with wearing new clothes, meeting a lot of people and generally having great fun with my sister whereas my sisters memories of the same event are filled with boredom , irritation at having to dress up and not being able to read books and annoyance at being pestered by her git of a sister at all times....go figure

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