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Best Resume Format for freshers
Gone are those days when you used to send your resumes to every company you aspire to join and then after long period of time they used to notify whether your resume had reached to them or not. In today39s computer era, things have speed up and Youth4work helps us in a fantastic way to cop up with that. Youth4work provides us a platform where we can make an unbeatable online profile which gives details about you in very different manner than the traditional way. Youth4work profile is basically divided in 5 parts. First one is your profile which is an abstract view of all the relevant information about you on Youth4work website. It consists of information including your career aim, education, extra-curricular interests, etc. The second part is the one which makes this site most unique and this is no doubt one of the best features on this site. It is about the talents which you possess. It is the list of talents which includes your previously given yTests, which you can give using this link quothttp// quot, along with details like your test ranks, the frequency of test in that subject, etc. This part increases your chances of getting the an internship or a job manifolds as it gives good amount of information to the employer about the fields which he wants to look in and that too in very less period of time. The third part is about blogs. This part provides you the opportunity to enrich your writing skills and also helps you to display this part of your personality without being spoken about. The fourth part consists of your resume and the list of companies you are following on Youth4work. Last but not the least part is about your popularity on this site. It consist a popularity graph to depict your popularity during a period of time. It shows how popular you are among your fellow Youth4workians. So, all you need to do is to build a good profile and send the url of your profile to the employers which will definitely serve as a best resume you can ever send to any company. One of the samples of best resume is given below http//

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