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Try Some New Geeky Gadgets
Here are some very extraordinary gadgets which are very geeky in use. Have a look The Lytro The Lytro looks like a compact flashlight, but is actually the world39s first camera that allows you to change the focus of a photograph image after it has been taken. It has an 11MP sensor, 8x optical zoom and features a constant f/2 aperture on the lens to capture maximum light. It features instant-on, 16GB storage, a casing made of anodised aluminium and most of the controls are on the rear touchscreen. The iCade Mobile The iCade Mobile connects to your iPhone or iPod Touch using Bluetooth and provides a four-way directional pad, four front action buttons and four shoulder buttons to play games. As you no longer need to touch the screen to control the game, your hand does not block the screen view, making it easier to play. It has a rotating cradle to view the display in portrait or landscape mode and works using two AA batteries. Various compatible games are available on the Apple App store. The iCade Mobile game controller is compatible with the iPod Touch 3rd and 4th generation and iPhone 3, 3G, 4, 4S. Aftershokz Headphones - Rs 4,100 You might be reminded of a stethoscope when you see them, but these water and sweat-resistant headphones are shaped this way for a reason - they use bone conduction technology to deliver sound through your cheekbones to the inner ear. Since they don39t really cover the ear at all, they are comfortable to use for long hours and allow you hold a conversation or be aware of your surroundings. They also come with an in-line mic for voice calls and also have in-line music controls. Polaroid Z2300 - Rs 14,000 This 10MP point-and-shoot camera records full HD video but the party trick is the built in colour printer. It can instantly print a 2 x 3 inch smudge-proof, tear resistant and water-resistant photograph using Zink technology which does not require any ink or ribbon changes. The 3-inch display on the back acts as viewfinder and can also be used to edit the images before printing. The Boogie board The Boogie board is an LCD writing tablet that can effectively replace a paper notepad. It has a pressure-sensitive surface on which you can jot down notes or scribble using the provided stylus and then erase it with the press of a button. Not only is it simpler to use, but also saves paper. The premium version has built in storage for 200 pages and a USB port so that you can transfer pages to a PC. Weighing just 120 grams, this lightweight tablet has a claimed battery life of 6 years and the LCD display is good for 50,000 uses. SpareOne - US 70 This mobile phone can hold a charge for 15 years or offer a talk time of 10 hours using a single high capacity AA size battery - just keep it anywhere dry to use as an emergency phone, such as the glove box of your car. It has large buttons, a built-in LED torch and is capable of making emergency calls even without a SIM card. The phone comes in two variants - one for the US 850MHz and another one for the rest of the world 900MHz and the site delivers all over the world. Echo Smartpen The Echo Smartpen might look and function like an ordinary pen, but it comes with an infrared camera that saves everything you write to its internal memory. The digital notes are saved as PDF and can be accessed easily on a computer. It also works as a dictaphone that records audio notes that stay in sync with your scribbles - plus it has an OLED display to show battery life and storage. The catch is that it has to be used with a special dotted paper available separately for the pen to be able to digitise the written text. Pocket Boom Speaker - US 32 This capsule-shaped portable device can turn any flat surface into a speaker. The head vibrates at high frequencies and when stuck to a surface, it uses amplified vibrations to spread the sound to the connected surface effectively turning it into a speaker. It is powered by AAA batteries or a USB port and can be connected to almost any audio source using the 3.5mm jack.
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