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Yii PHP Framework
MVC ------ MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. Now Ill discuss about Model, VIEW and Controller Model ------- Model is responsible for maintaining the state. It should encapsulate the business rules that apply to the data that defines this state. In a nutshell it refers to the database of your application. It encapsulates all the logic for form field validation and any other business logic that may need to be applied to the form field data. It can then store this data in memory, or with the help of an active record model, store data in a database. VIEW ------ A view in Yii is a PHP script that contains user interface related elements, often built using HTML, but can also contain PHP statements. In simple view is the output or display of our application. Controller ------------ Controller is the main hero of the MVC. We can compare it with our brain. It controls both the model and the view to process and display the output as per the request of the user. Model and View these two different things are stitched together by the Controller. Controller is the coordinator in between Model and View. When a controller runs, it performs the requested action, which then interacts with needed models and renders an appropriate view. I think above diagram explains all more elaborately then my explanations above

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