Hyderabad, , India
MIS, Income Tax, Fundraising
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Finance & Accounts:
? Overall in-charge of finance and accounts department of Hyderabad plant
Payrolls & Taxes:
? Highly capable dealing with all statutory matters of Government of India especially GST / Central Excise, CENVAT Credits, Income Tax, VAT, Staff Provident Fund, Service Tax and Labour rules
Monitoring & Reporting of Accounts:

? Monitors utilization of funds in line with project agreements
? Coordinates with internal audit and statutory audits and performs follow up actions
Accounts payable and Receivables:
? Approves Payments and release of funds for the project expenses
? Reviews sub ledger accounts – Receivables / Payable and ensures that transactions are correctly recorded in the system
Procurements & Policy Decisions:
? Member of Plant Purchase Committee (PPC)
? Member of Tender Committee
? Part of all policy decisions and approvals for the project
? Power of authorization to sign all payments and policies related to project
? Power to hold payments at any time in view of clarification.

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