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Best LED Headlights in 2017

What is the most important part in our car? I guess, Is nothing but Headlights. If you are confused which will be the best option for your car. You might have searched many types of Headlight in the market. Out of them, Laser Headlight will be the best option. But what about its cost. It’s so costly. I think medium class people can’t afford it. So do we have another option that having the best quality as well as having some reasonable price? It’s Nothing But LED Headlights.In the market, you are going to find many types of headlights Halogen, HID, LED, laser Headlights. But You will be confused which will be the best one for your Car. Because all are giving the fine output, but if you don’t differentiate the qualities between four of them. Then you will see the price which is cheaper in rate. After one year when you see the life of headlight is dead. Then that time you will know the importance of Life of the headlight, you will know how to buy Headlights which properties you will be seeing this time. Though In a market, you will see the different headlight, we are telling you in this article How LED can be your best choice.We are not forcing you to buy LED Headlights. We will discuss all the properties of headlights then you can make a decision after reading this article. One by One we discuss all the Headlights which are available in the Market.
Firstly we will discuss Halogen Headlight
Halogen Headlights:
While you will go into the market the three things you will be observed on the package of the headlights. First will be the price, life, output. After seeing all this you will be going to make a decision to buy the headlight for your car or you can exchange it with the old one. Now here I have shared the features of Halogen Headlight.
Features Of Halogen Headlight:
• High Lumen Output Power
• Cheap in Price
• Easy installation

Now, be somehow convinced after looking at the somehow convinced that I think it will be the best option for my car. But have you noticed in features they don’t have mentioned about the Life of the Headlight which is the most important thing? So let's find out why they haven’t mentioned for that we will be seeing the disadvantages of Halogen Headlight.
Disadvantage Of Halogen Headlight:
• Short Life Span
• Not having focused beam light
• A Light beam gives blur image
• Heat Emission is more
• Cooling System arrangement isn’t available

After seeing the disadvantages of the Headlight you might be having confusion because this time you have noticed the features which you didn’t notice while buying the LED for the first time. This time you know Life of the Headlight is important Parameter. But Halogen Light as they emit a large amount of heat and as there is no cooling system arrangement so its having short life span. That means every year are you going to buy the halogen headlight? Because they are cheaper in cost. You have to think the best option which will fulfill your requirement. Lets see the another type of Headlight

1. HID Headlights:

The major disadvantage of Halogen Headlight was its having short life span. So this time we want Headlight which is having a good life span. So right now we are going to discuss Features of HID Headlights
Features Of HID Headlight:
• HID more efficient than Halogen
• Twice lifespan as compared to Halogen
Hush! I think finally you have found the best option as it is more efficient than Halogen that means it uses Less power. Even its having life twice than the Halogen that means its having cooling system arrangement as well, it’s doesn’t emit a large amount of heat. Like every coin has two sides in this case also we will check which are the disadvantages of this headlight so you will not have a problem in the future. Lets see the disadvantages
Disadvantages Of HID Headlight:
• Expensive in cost
• If it is properly not installed, then it can inflict intense amounts of glare toward oncoming motorists, as well as through the rearview mirrors of cars ahead
Now the major problem costs here as well as installation problem. For the rich person, the cost will be no problem. But we can think from the common man point of view, the cost will be the problem for him. Installation problem that means we will require a professional person who will install these HID headlight kit. Somehow you may be searching better option for your car Headlights. This time you want that type of headlight which is having a long life , easy installation, permissible cost, have a better cooling system. One by one we are observing the features and disadvantages of the headlight so we understand how to buy the best headlight. And which will be the best headlight for your car in the year 2017? Lets see the another type of the Headlight

2. LED Headlights:

Features of LED Headlight:

• Led headlights are energy efficient because it saves energy
• High lumen power output than the Halogen ones.
• LED having more color option.
• LED headlight bulbs are having reasonable prices
• Having Cooling System
• Easy to Install in some cases

After Looking at the features of LED Headlight.I think this time I can say this will be the best option for your car Headlight. Because the major thing is to save electricity this feature is having this headlight. Hight Lumen Power means the light will be brighter than the Halogen Light. And the price also reasonable. As well as Life of Led is much better than Halogen. But still, we have to see the other black side of this headlight
Disadvantages of LED Headlight:
• It is costly in price in some cases
• In some cases, it requires professional installing
• In some cases , High temperature affects the other equipment
After seeing the disadvantages you might have ready to change your decision to buy this headlight. But have you observed one they have said in some cases cost is more, requires professional installing, it affects some part. That means in LED there must be some other options are available. There must be the tool kits which have all the best parameter which you have dreamed for your headlight. But still, if you want to compare to all the three headlights lets compare and we can make the final decision.
Now, after seeing this battle that Halogen V/S LED. In the race between them Led proves his versatility. In a qualitative way. So If you are confused about which headlights you should buy. While buying headlight bulbs one will need to study some features like the total wattage power, Lumen capacity per bulb, Intensity, color, prices, warranty period. All the things we have to keep in mind before purchasing the headlights for your car. Lets see the difference in their Light Output and after seeing the picture you can easily find out which will be the best option. Would you like to see the difference between the brightness of Light by using the different headlight just have a look at the picture?

Just consider the first case in which we are not using any headlights. In second and fourth case we are using the Halogen as well as HID Headlights. Can you see the difference between the brightness level of both the lights? In this case, you would like to prefer HID headlights. Because it is giving you a more clear view of the road. In the second case, you see the brightness level of LED Headlight.

Now the question is arriving your mind why we need to replace HID, Halogen with the LED. Because first thing it gave us highest Lumen Power, Clean view, easy to install. With this so many advantages, we finally decided that to upgrade the headlights with the LED one. While Changing the headlight its easy to take this decision, but it’s difficult to implement into real practice. but to find out which headlight will be suitable for Car as well how to install that Headlight it is a little bit difficult. So make sure about all the properties. Now we have observed the di

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