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Erosion is the abrasive removal of material from the flow path by hard particles impinging on flow surfaces. This mechanism rarely cause catastrophic failure in turbine blade, butcontribute to other failure modes and can be of considerable economic significance. Even the phenomenon of hot gas erosion has a similar effect. After several cycles, damage takes place and the increased roughness (erosion) worsens the problem and finally may lead to decreased performance and the failure of turbine blade.
Debris monitoring system, located at the exhaust detects these particles and determines the magnitude of damage and life of engine. This project consists of three different stages: Design of Mechanical Component (combustion chamber), Design of sensors and Signal processing. This project mainly focuses on designing of a miniaturized model of an aircraft engine in order to provide an environment for the successful testing of the electrode. This is achieved by studying the behaviour of gases inside the chamber and the factors affecting it. The various parameters include design of the combustion chamber for obtaining uniform generation of the swirl, obtaining uniform mixture of air and fuel for complete combustion and maintenance of pressure gradient for the generation of high thrust at the outlet, determination of the position of the spark ignitor. The design and optimization was carried out through ANSYS fluent software.
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