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Padmaavat book is written by a writer Malik Muhammad Jayasi according to his own imagination and somewhere reality in 1540 before 500 years from now and nobody has tried to know about Padmavati before making of the film padmaavat. If there is this much protest on only dressing and some dream scene and whatever without knowing the fact, then what about the things happen in reality with indian womens... why there is no protest about rape and vulgarity happened with the Indian womens.

Padmaavat is one of the most expensive Indian films ever made.Padmaavat received mixed reviews. Critics praised the visuals, Critics also disliked the portrayal of Khilji as a stereotypical evil Muslim king and Ratan Singh as the righteous Hindu king.
Several Rajput caste organisations including Shri Rajput Karni Sena protested claiming that the film portrays the Padmavati, a Rajput queen, in bad light. 

The real facts about the padmaavat is :

The film shows Padmavati as the daughter of the king of Singal.According to Padmavat, Padmavati was the sister of the king and Ratan Singh married her after defeating the king in a game of chess.

In the film, the Brahmin Raghav Chetan is exiled as per Padmavati's wishes.In Padmavat, he left Mewar on his own accord, fearing Ratan Singh's rage.

In the film, Padmavati travels to Delhi in order to rescue Ratan Singh.In Padmavat, it is only Ratan Singh's faithful servants, Gora and Badal who travel to Delhi along with their followers to save Ratan Singh.

the film shows Ratan Singh being killed by Alauddin Khilji's forces while he is engaged in battle with Khilji and is about to defeat him. According to Padmavat, Ratan Singh never fought Khilji and died in a battle against King Devpal of Kumbalner before Khilji attacked Chittor.
According to karni sena and all who protested that film there is no vulgarity about rani Padmavati but i think there should be the protest about the other real facts about padmavati like death of Ratan singh, visit of Padmavati to delhi,and padmavati wishes about Brahmin raghav chetan.
One more thing i want to say that the director sanjay leela bhansali have no intention to make hurt to the royalty of rajputs, he tried to make the movie proud on Rajputs. The roles played by all the characters of the story wants to make the movie realistic and fabulous by their stunning performances.

Director sanjay leela bhansali shows women empowerment at that time with the jauhar scene. I appreciate him to make the womens proud by the film Padmaavat.

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