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Future currency alternates
Nowadays everything becomes technical digital and computerised....same currencies are also changing with the technology i.e In coming days everything will be digital currencies also. The digital currency is known as CRYPTO CURRENCY.
Here some crypto currency called:

Price: $973.84
Market capitalization: $95 billion

Companies are particularly enamored with this system because of its so-called smart contract features.


Price: $1.21
Market capitalization: $47 billion

Ripple’s intent has always been to aid the sector, primarily by facilitating global payments. 


Price: $1,592
Market capitalization: $26.9 billion

the community of miners vote on things like how to improve the system. In 2017, there was a disagreement within the community over how to address scaling issues. 


Price: $0.54
Market capitalization: $14 billion

Like most cryptocurrencies, Ada, Cardano’s coin, can be used to transfer funds digitally, but its developers have plans to build a platform that can run financial applications and smart contracts. 


Price: $175.47
Market capitalization: $9.6 billion

Like Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin was also created as a fork from Bitcoin. Its main claim to fame is its quicker settlement goal: Litecoin aims to settle transactions in two-and-a-half minutes, compared to 10 minutes for Bitcoin.


Price: $0.93
Market capitalization: $8.4 billion

NEM is another blockchain project that is looking to help companies and industries improve things like payments and logistics.


Price: $0.45
Market capitalization: $8,1 billion

Stellar is eyeing the way people, banks and payment networks move money. 


Price: $118.62
Market capitalization: $7.7 billion

NEO is all about creating the framework for the “smart economy”—one where digital assets are easily moved, where digital identity is safe and where smart contracts make everything work smoothly.


Price: $2.39
Market capitalization: $6.6 billion

IOTA, which stands for Internet of Things Application, is betting on the future of connected devices, as its name implies. 

And some more like Dash, Monero, Tron and whatever........ This is all about digital money.
In coming days we will become totally different and all works are handled by digitally...

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