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MCA FINAL YEAR PROJECT - DISTRIBUTED CHANNEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 1. OBJECTIVE The purpose of Distributed Channel Management System is to provide Basic objectives are to extend their reach to geographically scattered Locations and widely used in many big mobile showrooms and is used to cater the need of the sales and maintenance there. The retailer buys Mobiles, Accessories, Simcards, and Recharge Coupons in large quantities from manufacturers, either directly or through a Dealer, and then sells individual items to the general public or end user customers, usually in a showroom. Retailers are at the end of the supply chain. Marketers see retailing as part of their overall distribution strategy. Showrooms may be in shopping streets with little or no houses, or shopping mall. Shopping streets may or may not be for pedestrians only. Shopping is buying things, sometimes as a recreational activity. 2. EXISTING SYSTEM The Current System is a computerized system which does not have graphical user interface and also maintained at individual databases. The system doesnrsquot provide complete online services like online reports, and centralized database. 2.1. LIMITATION OF EXISTING SYSTEM This system is maintained at individual database The User can easily access the database which is not secure In the current system there is not much database maintenance, therefore accessing single records take more time to verify the data of particular customer information. There is no proper delegation of authority based on the managerial powers. 3. PROPOSED SYSTEM The Proposed system is a browser which is completely related to online system, which provides the centralized database. The web enabled Showroom application designed to automate the entire operations of a modern business strategy and integrates all the branches. The system allows multi-divisional, multi-department system handling that includes various activities. 3.1. ADVANTAGES OVER EXISTING SYSTEM In this system the database is maintained in centralized manner. The user cannot access the database and particularly the users are authorized to do their job only. This is system is very fast because of the centralized database and accessing database will be very easy, when compared to the existing system. This application is used to generate reports of a particular period and which helps in calculating profit or loss. 4. MODULES There are four modules as follows Administration, Inventory Management, Daily Transaction, Report Management Administration The key area of the product lies in it. Assigning authorizations, adding new users, manufacturers of mobiles etc. will be in this part. Has full access to all the modules of this system. Admin has full control over the following modules Stock, Users and Reports. Inventory management This module is used to maintain the stocks of various products received by the showroom. Each and every product received like mobiles, accessories, sim cards, recharge coupons, etc. should be classified under the inventory category. This module will be enabled only to the user who is authorized. Daily Transactions This module is used to generate the bills based on the transactions which are interlinked with the Inventory. The billing will be done only to the products in inventory. The daily transaction reports will be generated according to the date wise or customer wise transactions which help in estimating the profit or loss. Reports This module is used to generate excellent quality of output for Reports. All frequently used reports can be obtained at the click of a button. All reports can be previewed, printed, exported to Excel/Word etc., or can be faxed or emailed. OBJECT-ORIENTED SYSTEM ANALYSIS 4.1. IDENTIFYING THE ACTORS Our Project has 4 Actors. 1. Administrator 2. Sales Employee 3. Dealer 4. Customer Administrator The Administrator is big Icon of this Company, he will handle the all the activities this particular company and also he can modifying the remainig modules aspects like,the Sales Employee,Dealer,Customer. The administrator assigning the tasks to the users like, 1. add the employees 2. Delete the products 3. Give the Instruction to Employees 4. List of the employees update/Delete 5.Get feedback from sales. Sales Employee The Sales Employee is occupied the second grade within the company. He can also performed few tasks in this module. They are. 1. Add products 2. Register dealers 3. Send feedback to administrator 4. Get dealer feedback 5. List updates the products 6. Get instruction from the Administrator Dealer The dealer is third big icon in the Company, he can also perform the few tasks, the company made number of dealers. Given tasks is performed here, 1. Send fead back to sales employee 2. Give instruction to client 3. Get client orders 4. Get client feedback 5. Get instructions from the sales Employee. Client The client is the user of the company, the company will provide the authorities of the all the users clients. The tasks of the users are 1. Get Instruction from the dealer 2. Get product Information 3. Send feedback to dealer 4. Order products. REQUIRED SOFTWARE SPECIFICATION Database Oracle10g Server Apache Tomcat 6.0 Front end Jsp, Javascript. Scripting language JavaScript IDE NET BEANS 6. REQUIRED HARDWARE SPECIFICATION Processor Intel P-IV based system Processor Speed 2.0. GHz RAM 256 MB to 512 MB Hard Disk 40GB to 80GB Key Board 108keys

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