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My name is Arun Kumar Chaubey. My hometown is in one of the most beautiful village of North India, Like everyone, I also love my hometown. I have been using and doing this computer stuff from around 8 years if memory serves correctly.I was born in Ballia, Uttar-Pradesh. I have spent my entire childhood over there only. After completing my high school final exam i went to Allahabad for further education. I spent my two years in Allahabad. I learnt a lot of things there which are very important for me. After finishing my intermediate exam i went to Delhi and i lived there for one and half year. It was very tough time in my life, but it also gave me a lot of things that i can never forget. In the year 2006 I came back to my hometown and then I joined School Of Management Sciences, Varanasi. I lived in Varanasi for three years. After finishing my graduation i went to Bangalore for higher education. In my life all the places where I went, I became close to that place. I will never forget Allahabad, Delhi, Varanasi and Bangalore where I learnt and saw the real life

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