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Youth4work as the name itself suggests is a two way channel which brings the youth looking for job opportunities and the companies scouting for young talent to a single platform. The most important and unique feature about this forum is that not only does it provide information about various job openings but also about various internship and freelancing opportunities with a wide array of companies. Youngsters today want to start their career pretty early in life and most of them want to have some sort of practical experience in the field they are pursing along with their regular studies. A hands on experience along with theoretical lessons always increases the in-depth understanding of the subject. Also at times the youngsters are themselves not aware of their talent and their potential and they chose the subjects solely on the basis of marks and popular streams. At such a point if they get an opportunity to work in the fields they have a liking for, it is quite possible that their liking will convert into passion and they will realise their true calling. The Companies, on the other hand, today are looking for achieving their targets quickly and at very reduced cost to meet the challenges of immensely competitive markets. Recruiting the right manpower is the most important step in this regard. If the manpower is talented, hardworking and loyal, the growth chart of the company is sure to go upwards. But finding the right human resource is itself a huge task with youngsters graduating with all sorts of degrees from various institutions every year. It is here that a forum like Youth4work plays a crucial role and acts like a bridge between the youngsters and the companies. Youth4work creates a pool of young talented individuals looking for job opportunities, internship and freelancing projects in different fields. It quotYouth4workquot also lists the companies looking for hiring employees, interns or freelancers for different projects. And thus through the Youth4work forum, the youngsters can get to know about the various opportunities available to them and the companies meanwhile have easy access to the huge pool of young talent to get their work done quickly and effectively. Youth4work assures quality return both to the youngsters and the companies. While the youngsters are saved from the trouble of visiting each and every individual company to apply for job or internships, the Companies are saved from the trouble of carrying out interviews and wasting time over the recruiting process. Also there is an added advantage for the companies whereby they get to know about different ways of completing their projects and also timely completion of projects is guaranteed. The youngsters too have the benefit of finding jobs, internships and freelancing projects at home and also a guarantee of receiving their certificates and payments on time. Youth4work is indeed a blessing for youngsters and companies in this age of cut throat competition. It is a sure shot of way of keeping both the youngsters and companies a step ahead of their peers.

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