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Get a Personal Loan for Higher Education
Just completed school, and evaluating options for your future? Or maybe you just got your degree, and want to pursue a postgraduate course to improve your job prospects and career growth.

If you’ve secured good marks, you stand a chance of getting a scholarship. However, with so many students competing for similar courses, not everyone can get into the best colleges on a scholarship. If lack of funds is bothering you, help is at hand as you can apply for a Loan for Higher Studies. You can also avail a Personal Loan for higher education

With Personal Loans, you do not need to specify the reason for the loan. You can use these for any purpose—for travel, education, buying furniture, paying medical bills and so on—the choice is yours.

How to Apply for Personal Loan for Higher Studies

Search for personal loan offers from banks and NBFCs. Compare the interest rates and other features and choose the one that you like best. You can also search specifically for Educational Loans.

Educational Loans

These loans offer funds to students and parents who cannot otherwise find the cash for higher studies. You don’t need to provide a collateral for loans up to a certain amount. Higher amounts, though, require an acceptable security like a Fixed Deposit or your house.

Educational loans also give you a moratorium on repayment, up to one year after completion of the course, or six months after the student gets a job, whichever is earlier. This means you can plan and save funds for paying off the loan. You also get tax benefits under Section 80E of the IT Act on the repayment of educational loans.

So, search for offers on student loan on financial portals and apply for a loan now. The course fees, refundable deposits, lab fees, and most other costs could be covered by the loan.

A Personal Loan to Pay Your Way

An Educational Loan requires that you meet certain criteria. One of these is that the course/institution you have applied to should be one of those in the approved list of the bank you are trying to secure the loan from. If for some reason your loan application is rejected, don’t despair, there are other avenues.

A Personal Loan is a boon for those who have no asset to offer as security. Though the interest rate might be higher, the loan criteria are not so extensive and so strict. You also do not need to specify the reason for which you are applying for the loan.

Personal Loans at Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj Finserv Personal Loans come at low rates of interest, and require minimal paperwork. You can apply online, and the fast approval process can get you the amount within a very short period of time. You can choose to repay the loan within 12 to 60 months.

If you can afford to, you can make several part prepayments in a year without incurring any charges. This helps you clear off the loan quickly and save on the interest portion of the loan. You can also foreclose the loan without any penalties being levied.

So now, there are many ways you can access funds to pursue higher studies and brighten your career prospects. Don’t put off getting a PG Degree or a Doctorate because you don’t have the ready cash. Get a loan for your higher education, finish the course and pay off the borrowed amount in easy monthly instalments.
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