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Credit Analysis, Budgeting, Auditing
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• Highly accomplished accounting and finance-management professional with successful track record of developing and effective organizational policies and procedure in diverse environments.
• Prepare organization product level financial accounting, financial statements, management, and financial reports and coordinate the preparation of strategic plans, budgets and internal audits.
• Manage financial closings, financial cost accounting supports and General accounting balances such as Account payable, Account receivables, Banking activities, MIS reporting, Reconciliation, Bill verification and vendor payments.
• Preparing cash flow statements and analysis, financial statement analysis and reporting management, balance sheet, maintenance of fixed-asset ledgers at the end-of-month accounts.
• Provide financial information to management by assembling and summarizing data; preparing reports making presentations of findings, analyzes, and recommendations
• Assisted with financial analysis, budgeting, and risk assessment to perform economic valuations and planning management.
• To lead and manage financial accounting and reporting activities for the organization and ensure compliance in all the aspects pertaining to financial accounting in close coordination with project team.
• Analyze complex financial information and reports to provide accurate and timely financial recommendations to management for decision making purposes.
• Prepared market study reports by analyzing financial happenings and critical business information.

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