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Description ndash Create a car inventory management system with real time dashboard that shows the status of car inventory at a point in time. This real time dashboard should be grouped on car model. You need to Create 3 screen ndash Screen 1 ndash which will be used for entering and saving no need for update or delete the inventory of the cars ndash Basic details of the cars is needed 1 Car Model 2 Year of manufacture 3 Color 4 Price Screen 2 ndash Listing of saved cars should be shown with an option of selecting cars via checkbox and on press of Sell button, the selected cars should be marked as ldquoSoldrdquo Screen 3 ndash Most important screen ndash Create a real time dashboard with below details, which shows real time information of the cars group by car model, year of manufacture and color. Query I10 Model Year of Manufacture Color Count I10 sports 2013 Grey 4 I10 2012 Silver I10 2012 Red 3 13 See the above Dashboard. The user has queried for i10 car. System has created a dashboard view of i10 cars grouped by model, year of manufacture and color showing the count. The above means that inventory has in total 20 16 - i10 and 4 - i10 sports i10 cars. They are represented above by grouping them on year of manufacture and color. The table listing of cars should get real time refreshed after 2 mins and keep showing the latest status. To test the real time screen we ill mark car as sold or increase the inventory of the cars and see it getting reflected on the screen. Create two table Car model - Car id PK - Car Model - Color color - Car price Car count - Car id - Count Show the join of this on real time basis on the dashboard. Technology to use preferred ndash 1 Spring ndash try and create a spring web service which give the summary view 2 Hibernate 3 Jsp 4 Ajax jquery

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