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Best things to do
Firstly, I would to tell you something that the situation for any body does not remain same when opportunities comes but these things is to be treated in right manner then it will become profitable for you. Best things in life are to be happy for any adverse situation because if you worry about it also then you will not get any so be happy and always do some work for helping people. You will note that if you do some special work for other without no profit of you , definitely you will get a internal happiness for forever and one day at any time you will think about it then you will get a chance to be happy without no reason . I believe in one thing ,that is a like a blind faith but I feel it helping other helps you a lot in you any life problems. If you help any body then you will get a bless form god like a gift that help you in your problem. It is basically,like a magic and even you can't feel these type of things in early time but keep patient and trust in that magic ,then one day you will say you are right and all that happens happens for good.

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