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Data Science, Python, Power System
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Installed Monopile structure for first LiDAR-based wind monitoring station at Gulf of Khambhat, Gujarat Coast. Designed energy
and cost effective optimal LiDAR measurement set up for offshore wind measurement campaign. The measurement station is first
of its kind in India.
Worked on validation studies of WindCube V2 offshore LiDAR at Wind turbine research station, Kayathar. A 45 days validation
campaign for LiDAR before deploying in the offshore environment was done against 120m Met mast. Involved in on-site
measurement, analysis, and correlation of data.
Hands on experience in WaSP, WindSim , ArcGIS, WindFarmer Windographer for onshore and offshore wind resource assessment.
Involved in various client based and in-house projects by providing inputs for the Detailed Project Report.
Involved in Instrumentation, Data acquisition and analysis for WRA & power curve verification / guarantee test according to IEC
61400-12-1 with in-house tools such as LabVIEW, MS-Excel, PYTHON etc. Created customized applications for the measurements,
data acquisition.
Very much involved in preparation of Technical Specification for Geophysical and Geotechnical investigation with the support of
National Institute of Ocean Technology, Chennai along with the coordination of activities for the proposed survey.
Actively supporting in "First Offshore Wind park in India (FOWPI)", an EU-funded project. FOWPI involves in Met-ocean analysis,
weather window analysis in line with IEC -61400-3 standards for the development of wind parks in Gujarat Coast.
Actively involved in Met -Ocean and weather window Studies for the offshore wind farms and beginner in bathymetry and
Meteorological software such as MIKE CMAP for development of offshore wind farms in the country. Part of reviewing team for
FOWPI's Metocean studies and offshore wind energy portal.
Actively involved in accreditation of NIWE's Wind turbine testing facility according to ISO & IEC standards; Preparation of Manuals,
Standard Operating Procedures ,Testing and Process Formats.
Involved in Organising 20+ National and International Training program on Wind energy technology and application (Govt. of India
Sponsored and Self support) as a part of HRD activities in NIWE. These training concentrates on capacity building activities in India
and other countries. So far, 1000 National and 400 International participants from 54 countries.
Involved in setting up of Renewable Lab Facilities – Solar, Wind and Hybrid Systems for practical Training & Coordination of Technical
Symposiums, Awareness Workshops, Seminars and other knowledge dissemination outreach activities for educational as well as
business activities. Also, supporting the creation of Offshore Knowledge Bank - soon to be dedicated to the nation.

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