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Describing the best of youth4work
We all know that lakhs of youth qualify degree each year, and it is obvious that providing job for all is not a practical. Hence companies of institutions play a selection procedure.
Youth4work provide yRank. yRank is the cumulative rank that a youth acquires for a talent. It improves his talent. It will be useful for the approaching company to know or visualise his talent. yRank also provide real-time competitions between youth.
we all will be often familiarised with what happens in our classrooms. teachers will be paying more attention towards the toppers, or might be verifying some of the answers with them. This will be from the marks which they score in the exam. similar is the case. The exam here is analogous to talent. The top among them will be observed sharply by others, companies. A student always try to improve his marks, and compete with his classmates, similarly every youth must try to get top ranks and compete with his friends.
Always, no one is more important in society. None get extra privileges. Every one is equal before law. This the must be kept in the minds of everyone. The yRank is not to make partitions in the society. But to improve the talents of the society.
Just as it was said that, a coin has two faces, it is obvious that yRanks has demerits. But visualising it in the right way makes the merit part too strong.

This is what i loved in youth4work. Iam glad that i have expressed it in the right place.

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