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Somethings are to be left behind and some are needed to be looked upon.The question is what is to be left behind.Our lifestyle has changed through the decades and so has our minset and our lifestyle.What we think today is completely different from what our elders think.The generation gap has widened.Today39s geneartion lives in the world of smart-phones and gismos. The world is getting smarter with the Smartphones. This is an ironical truth according to the youth.But the fact is the more unsocial the generation is becoming.The culture of our time is complelety different.We do not know why and what is happening around us.If we talk in totality the Intelligence quotient is getting to nil. Thus, adapting to new changes is always good but it is said that the changes which paly to be good for us should be only adopted rather than choosing for something which leads to devaite us from our path.

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