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The Road to Success is Road to Satisfaction and is always under Construction.
How we define success is truly measurable,quantifiable. Destiny of life starts with parents nurturing the child with utmost care,love,affection and simplicity to grow with all needful things in life. The journey from nursery to primary education is the first step which an individual has in his life,than comes secondary education where the taste of success starts to accumulate in peoples life. Success in drawing competition,first place in swimming, art, speech & all those kinder achievements which we want to eagerly share with parents and our friends.Those lovely moments are glorified with small celebration, through sharing of chocolates small parties and so on.. At that time do we really think that are these achievements at micro level going to lead us to success, may be a person who acquired first place in drawing or swimming competition may go on to become a successful Artist or an athlete but what is the percentage or conversion rate may be 5% to 20%. In this arena of competition and ever changing requirements of human we hardly fail to stick to those successful moments in life which lead us to success earlier they change and may change completely, We are driven through success which counts in money and that money which builds assets moving luxuries, and goodwill through that money. In spite we are never accomplished through achievements which we earned in form of { Medals, certificates, trophy’s} they remain as memory in files and home. Thus rightly said road to success is always under construction because when we count or attach money with success its always INFINITE … money flows in and out and can never be constant thus it is an construction which keeps on. To define in simple words success is a very small thing, I believe it will be a miracle if we share… those successful moments with those unfortunate.. section of society.

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