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Are resolutions concrete.

When the year comes to an end during the mid of December, we start reflecting on those things which were good during the year, at the same time we think of those frightful things which were disaster to the year, mistakes, wrong decisions, hateful thoughts, criminal activities and those life events which should have not been part of our life.

Than comes a process where we notify those transformational thoughts which should be a change for the coming year. A new years resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.We start framing thoughts which are theoretical & never turns into practical approach. Set of deadlines, set of goals, set of to-do-list & set of exceptional thoughts which seems to the point that yes there is practical intent but the determination to start is lacked.

At the beginning of this 21st century where devices rule human behaviour, its hard to frame those resolutions which are fixed it becomes Re + modified resolutions. The things which we want to change becomes flexible and more customised to our own timings and convenience, thus a difficult task to accomplish. Can we find a solution ?>< yes we can!

The simplest task is to {live for the day} set goals, which becomes a resolution for that day. It keeps us focused, involved & energised as our goals are small and more achievable. That becomes more controlled and more concrete resolution, so lets make this year a special new year by living each day different with same resolution of {ONE DAY AT A TIME} for 365 .Wishes for great year Ahead cheers… All this accomplished only through the support of prayers.

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