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A Romantic Fiction Novel Sarhad KeUs Paar is Fully Romance Filled.
Today everyone39s are entertaining by fiction novel, and its also ruling on readers heart, every teen age and younger wanna read fiction like romance, teen age and adult and all the penman known about it, what is the public demand and pen as per necessity pen on the romance and adult genres, like this an author Azhar Sabri has written anromantic fiction novel Sarhad Ke Us Paar which fully romancefilled and little bit crime, the story is based on Indian and Pakistani lovers, one of is girl belongs to Muslim family from Pakistan and another one boy is belongs to Brahman family from India, they met in patronas tower in Malaysia and be friends, after some weak the friendship converts into love and the man proposed her by looking good time, but there is great wall of religion between, and another one is tensed country, what will be happen is it possible to get their love upcoming romantic fiction novel penned by Azhar Sabri wait till publish for disclose all the suspense

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