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We join a world of strange people as soon we step out of the world of studies at school. The journey begins when we enter the stage where we are passionate about doing something in life reaching the clouds, making a space in every ones heart. I did my both the grads, bcom n MBA through distance learning, so I didnt had fun what all college is about. The reason being I was preparing to accomplish my dreams to be working with IT intellectuals, The journey from finance to IT was my aim to achieve, so I decided to be software proficient. Starting a job from a QA analyst to a technical support team member. Where ever I worked my way of handling work created a space in my clients eyes and heart. The biggest achievement in someones profession is that your client praising you and giving more business oppurtunities just bcoz of your talent and I achieved that in my job.People believe that who climbs a ladder is talented but that doesnt mean who didnt climbed is not talented.The person standing below is supporting your ladder thats why u reached there else you would have fallen. So I believe a person doesnt holds value only if he is a CEO. every individual is at stake in profession.

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