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In one day, more than 100 viewer:)
The happiest day ever.....when you decide something and you achieve it then you feel like flying in a sky. No matter you have decided big or small. Matter only that you have achieved it.
I knew this thing but today I have felt it by giving me a task. I had decided to motivate 100 people to join youth4work. In starting I was thinking that 'would it be possible' but I took it as my dare and completed it in one day. To convience people for a particular thing is not so easy. They will ask you again and again "Is this beneficial' and every time you have to reply them positively. Today I have done it desperately and got a fruit of smile on my face which some people miss in this hectic life.
Sometime, little things teach us so much. In my life, the most important thing which I have learnt is that if u motivate others then you will get motivated by yourself . similarly today I have learnt that everyday give yourself a dare ,no matter it's small or big and try at your level best to complete it .then you will really enjoy your life. It is better than lying on a bed all the time and do nothing. Make your every minute useful. When your each day progress is added up then you will feel that yeah, I have done something special.
Start giving yourself a task if you want a true smile on your face at the end of day. May be Some people are thinking that we can bring such smile by having fun and all. To enjoy your life is not a bad thing but all time enjoyment is not good dear.
A simple but very interesting line you all must have read that " life is 10% how you make it but it is 90% how you take it".
I hope, you all have got what I want to say. Be happy and be ready for challenges. All the very best.

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