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Are you a leader?
I have been asking myself this question since a long time “What is leadership?” I always end-up with the same answer, the leaders are politicians and the procedure they follow to make their followers prosperous is called leadership. I wonder why the politicians are considered as leaders? Why are our teachers not? why not our parents or a matter of fact; a friend who is helping us out! The only reason, society considers the politicians as their leaders; is because of the promises and behavior of kindness towards what attracts their attention the most. Is it the only thing which should be considered or are there any little things which matters the living of a person most. But, when it comes to an individual; its called responsibility. So why do we need a leader when we should be working upon ourselves to enhance our hidden leadership skills. Its not always about following someone or doing something what others does just because the society appreciates it. Life has a lot more to add into it. When every person view their family as a responsibility, he/she nurtures their beloved one with great values and ethics; that
person too is a leader.

Leader! The only person who makes a difference in the crowd and stands firm to his/her own decision. Why leader? Its for the benefit of the society so that no superstition could be encouraged further. Its not all about why should we follow a leader when every one of us has a leader hidden within. We should always have a second thought when we are going to follow a person or his personality. Is the person’s ideology really good enough to impersonate or do we have a better solution and take a step ahead to place our point of view. Not every time, what we think is right. Sometimes we need to let others tell their stories.

An individual, when plays a superficial role managing; to be a good team player as well as performing well by supporting his/her own team, that individual is a leader.
That one person who lets other people make their point rather than standing out and not letting others speak might become a ruler not a leader. There is slight difference between a conqueror and achiever; Conqueror always wants to make the priorities own where as the Achiever tries to understand the priorities and respects it, choses
the best for a cause.

Every other individual in this world is having their own story. But one thing combines them all, humanity. The world is not big enough to explain what this term means.
Humanity exists in every leader. If not, then the person is just a Ruler. A ruler who only wants his opinions to be mattered, who does not care what others want, who
only cares what his vision is, who does not understand the reasons behind necessity.

As I already said, everyone has leader within. Think wisely before you make a decision; as it might affect the lives of many others involved with you. Do not let
the achievement/ success make you become a ruler of own will. You might become a ruler but let it be a choice. Always respect the words of elders and “never let anyone
down” just for the sake of your happiness. Do “what’s right” not “which seems right”.



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