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The cycle recreational collective is a four-wheel vehicle with a driver and
10 units of pedalling that constitute the traction of the vehicle. This
traction passes from the groups of pedalling (5 groups for each axis) to the
transmission axis, which is responsible for providing the required torque
to move the vehicle.
The transmission is to the rear wheels, while the front guide the vehicle
through a direction driven by a wheel. The occupants of the vehicle
responsible for providing the power they are positioned in the seats of the
recreational cycle, while, in turn, the upper part of the body rests on a bar.
The vehicle is fitted with a cover sheet metal and steel profiles, with the
objective of be preserved the occupants. In the deck, by the interior part,
the 6 light bulbs auxiliary. Available, in addition, position lights, direction
indicators and brake lights, to adapt to the road traffic.
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