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FAQ- Assessment Solutions- Corporate Perspective
FAQ on Assessments 1. What is yAssess yAssess is a hosted SAAS based model which helps organizations centralize their entire recruitment life cycle. yAssess helps organizations map the skill sets of aspirant appearing for an Interview in that Company. yAssess is a powerful Online Assessment platform which helps you create your own Assessments for hiring. 2. Is my database safe with you How secure is your server We use https as security measure which is backed up by various secure algorithms. The data is completely secured. 3. How can I login to your portal 1. Create an account on Youth4work. 2. Verify your account through the email which is being sent to you automatically. 4. What is an Adaptive test Adaptive test is a form of computer-based test that adapts to the examinee39s ability level. For this reason, it has also been called tailored testing. An Adaptive test successively selects questions for the purpose of maximizing the precision of the exam based on what is known about the examinee from previous questions.From the examinee39s perspective, the difficulty of the exam seems to tailor itself to their level of ability. For example, if an examinee performs well on an item of intermediate difficulty, they will then be presented with a more difficult question. Or, if they performed poorly, they would be presented with a simpler question 5. What is a fixed test Fixed test is an Online Assessment where selected questions will be shown to each and every user whotakes the Assessments. This way of Assessment is very useful where a client wants to use their set ofQuestions. 6. Can I add my Questions in your database Yes. You can use the Inventory of Questions in three ways. Use Assessments provided by Youth4work Use Your Entire Content for Assessments It can be a mix and match of your Assessment Content and Youth4work Content. 7. How has Youth4work created Assessment Content The Assessment Content is created in two ways In-house Team The In-house team develops content on the competencies required by any organization. Subject Matter Experts We have subject matter experts who help us provide content on various skill sets.
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