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Mechanical Regenerative Braking System
Presently what the world needs is a method or a technology that saves energy from getting wasted. Energyconservation is the hour of need. In case of automobiles, energy conservation can be done by using regenerative brakingsystems RBS. When driving an automobile, a great amount of kinetic energy is wasted when brakes are applied, which then makes the start up fairly energy consuming. The main aim of this project was to develop a product that stores the energywhich is normally lost during braking, and reuses it. The use of regenerative braking system in automobiles provides us themeans to balance the kinetic energy of the vehicle to some extent which is lost during the process of braking. Regenerative Braking System RBS is an efficient system to reduce vehicle emission and fuel consumption. Regenerative Braking systemRBS is an energy recover mechanism RBS is a system which converts mechanical energy to electrical energy during braking action. It will become an important system for future vehicle such as hybrid and electric car.

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