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"Apna chehra dekh, kitni kaali hai, kuchh laga"

A very common advice an Indian woman gets! What's with the colour? Is is something that defines a person, a human? Well, people have this stupid mindset that if you're not fair, you're ugly! And "ugly" women don't get a good match!

If you judge a woman by her colour and then decide whether she is suitable for you or not, then I think you gotta grow up! All the Aunties want "Gori-Chitti ladki" for their son! As though they are gonna make a Chutney of the Gorapan!

21st century, 2016 and still we have the same mindset, illogical thinking that fairness is most important! All the mommies being worried of their Kaali daughters' wedding! Haaye, kaise hogi meri beti ki shaadi!

Most men prefer fair women, commenting on others, "Tu kya hai? Na shakal na surat, itni kaali". I face the same torture as I'm not Fair enough! My education, my nature, my mindset, my feelings, nothing is important! All that matters is my colour! Such mental torture, I tell you!

All the matrimonial ads have this one thing in common. Every ad starts with, "looking for a fair lady for our son"! Don't know how their son looks! " Ladki thodi si kaali nahi hai", whispers some moti aunty during the Ladki Dekhne Ki Rasm! Bhaee Gorapan itna important hai toh Fair and Lovely se shaadi kar lo!

Fair and Lovely se yaad aaya, it's such a big lie! Making fool out of people since years and most of them believing it! Yami Gautam is naturally fair, behaves as though Fair and Lovely gave her that colour! When you apply that crean, it feels like there's some dry, white, patchy layer on your face!

A person's colour is not his/her identity! Colour doesn't define a person!

Kaali bhains ka hi dhoodh peete ho na! ??

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