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bonda venkata prasad
I have more than 20 yrs experience as a Staff Reporter , I always try to find out the truth and informed it to the society in a proper way . i have mission , vision and goal in life to achieve . i did my M.Phil Now Doing Ph.D in Journalism. iam a gold medalist in BCJ in MCJ also. i did M.Sc, M.Ed, M.C.J. Thank god iam able to express my views in an accurate and honest way. i never misuse my position for gaining any kind of benefits..iam a loyal , honest and lead a disciplined life.just iam a human being....with values Under the Guidance Of Great Editor M.V.R.Sastry , Who wrote more than one dozen books on education, values, history, political satir you can watch my FACEBOOK account on www.facebook.com/bvprasad Specialties i interviewed many national, international heads, chiefs...CMs...but my focus is popularising educational , employment avenues to Youth.

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