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There39s a saying, quotPen is mightier than Swordquot. Based on this idea I too started realizing that there canrsquot be better career than writing. It can bring a change to the society, bring a revolution, bring all good causeshellip I want to be a writer. The knowledge, the skill that I gained over the years I want to devote all in writing. This is not only because I have gained the great education, I am the Master Degree holder and so necessarily be a writer ldquoNordquo, but I do feel the necessity of writing as one of my main works from every sensehellip Born in such a place where quality matters the most, being the most read amongst the generation, the senior most student from the school and the personal life experience so far... I want to impart all to younger generation, I want to guide them so that I can make a small contribution to the society, possibly a role model for a few of them by writing as many articles as possible. Above all the good wishes and blessings of my native people want me to do something worthwhile, different, a lirsquol bit different from crowd of course. As I am being motivated since childhood as, ldquothere39s no career as good as Teaching and Writingrdquo There are great authors, novelists, poets whose creations are remembered for decades. Talking about all those famous writers like Tolstoy, Leonardo da Vinci , William Shakespeare etc. etc. whose books are widely read throughout the world till today. My personal realization and their guidance matches today. Yes, I want to choose writing as my job for entire of my life, I want to be a content writer. There are many ways to earn for everyday bread and butter. Well, the degree I am having is MBA, I can earn in Lakhs within short time but mere working for MNC or running a company I wonrsquot get satisfaction. Moreover, itrsquoll not fulfill their wish. If somebody asks me, ldquoWhy do you want to choose writing as your careerquot The answer is simply, ldquoPen is mightierhelliprdquo, The earnings from writing is real rare, unique and not everybodyrsquos cup of tea. One gets immense satisfaction from inside, undoubtedly a noble job.

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