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Oh! God, can you please rewind the time and make me sit in nursery classes. No stress, no competition, no pressure and especially no coaching. Everyone around me is getting into one or the other coaching institute and I am still in a dilemma whether I should go to college in formals or jeans!

People studying engineering are joining for CAT and people from mechanical, civil, electrical are taking online coaching for CS. I can't understand what is the relationship between choosing Engineering as your bachelor degree and Management as you Masters.

How can a person change his/her perception so quickly and change analytical skills into managerial skills? Whether I should pursue engineering or management? Whether I should follow my passion or money? Which institute should I join? Whether I should join an online or an offline Institute? Are online coaching institutes worth time, money and career? Oh! God, help me out of it. Suddenly, Someone from the clouds spoke to me.

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"Hey you little engineering student, a lot of jokes and memes are made on you guys so I have decided to help you clear your dilemma. Now listen to me carefully and stop yawning, it's not your mechanics class."

Choice of stream:

It completely depends on you which branch you prefer as your passion as well as your profession. You need to ask yourself, how would you see yourself after few years and how tirelessly you are while working on it. Choice of stream for your Masters is completely dependent on your interest and love for the work.

"Being God, I had gifted you with some special abilities which you need to identify before it's too late but I could answer your question which institution is good and is it worth studying  in online coaching classes?"

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If you are a student living in cities with good coaching institutes and also studying in the same city then you are ought to join offline coaching institutes but if you are a student with high ambitions but due to the geographical location of your home or college you cannot approach the coaching institutions of your choice. Then you are left with no option other than online classes.

Are the online coaching classes are worth your time, money and career? Let me highlight myths and facts then you will be the ones to decide :


Online tutors' carry a single teacher with one cameraman and still, they charge a huge fee.
Every year they put on the same videos and still charge heavy amount.
They copy the concepts and questions from different sources and put on their lecture videos.
You cannot start from any topic and you are not allowed to take notes.
Quench your curiosity: Why images are rectangular if the camera lens is round?

There are certain questions asked by certain people which match the above myths and some are even harsher than these:
- Why do they charge so much?
-Without any investment, why will they get rich?
-Why aren't they distributing the videos for free?
-Why aren't they making the videos downloadable?

Well, guys, I don't have answers to all these questions but I can answer a few.


The person in front isn't the only working in the crew. There are professionals too, who are preparing the contents and strategies to help students learn in a better and efficient way. A single person cannot master all subjects so the crew members divide that contents task among themselves and the presenter presents all the contents prepared by the team.
-The team works for the entire year collecting and preparing questions varying from easy to difficult in solving and they provide answers in step wise format so that it becomes easy for students to understand.
-The Institute also invests money in network security so that their data is secure and unaffected by hackers. Money is also invested in broadcasting the videos and storage of such huge data in data centres with high security also costs a lot.
-The camera crew plays an important part in the recording and editing.
-The team members who are expert in their particular branches demand remuneration which is not at all average.
-From the career point of view, these institutes work hard to strengthen their content, but the ultimate scoring capabilities depends on the students. How serious, dedicated and sincere they are towards their goal?


Money that a student invests in online coaching is less if compared to the situation, if a student moves to another city -->rents a mess -->takes coaching == loss of money+time hence it is better to stay at home or hostel, eat, sleep, study.
A student can study anytime, anywhere as per your comfort and free time and dedicate as much time as possible.
You can also continue with your semesters.
You can rewind as many times as you want at any point of time when you are unable to understand a concept
I have tried to cover almost all the myths, facts, disadvantages and advantages. Please Comment if I have left any point or have written any biased content.

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