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Current Location: Dubai • bose_krishnendu@yahoo.co.in • Preferred Location: Dubai, UAE
Hold valid International Driving License . Dubai no 0559829301

Dear Sir
Experience in start-up businesses, brand establishment, B2B, B2C, business planning, strategic business management and expertise in business development, sales, marketing, and external communication, I am a versatile professional exploring senior managerial assignments. I am an enterprising leader to ideate, plan and execute crucial business projects, capable of bringing in huge revenues and developing business in emerging markets to the company’s advantage. Throughout my career, I have contributed over and above the company’s expectations and I have several prominent accomplishments to my credit. My key skill include: Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Distribution, B2B, B2C, Sales Management, Strategy, Planning, Forecasting, Credit Control, Recruitment & Training, Store Management, Business Feasibility, Franchisee Appointment, Network Expansion, SCM, Adherence to Codes of Conduct, General Administration.

Handled different product range :- Consumer durable goods, FMCG, Life style Items, Fashion life style items, luggage, Leather products, table ware , crockery & Security products .

Presently associated as Business Development Head with Hard Soft Technologies ( Dubai ), I lead sales operations with a turnover in excees of AED 200 Million. I direct various functions of the organization that include inventory management, vendor relations, receivables management and staff training & development. Improving businesses and generating revenues for the company through strategic partnerships and dedicated efforts are some of my greatest strengths.

I have worked with prestigious organizations in India that include Gunnebo India Ltd as Deputy General Manager, La Opala R G Ltd as National Sales Manager – Institution & Modern Trade, with Sree Leathers as General Manager (Institutional Sales) and Swiss Military - Satin India Ltd. as Regional Manager (North India). One of my initial employers was Aristocrat Marketing Ltd. where I was associated as the Branch Manager. I started my career with Philips India Ltd, and here I progressed to the position of Area Manager, my final assignment with the company.

I am a performance-driven and ethically-inclined individual and in all my assignments I have led the sales teams by example. Being a positive communicator and skilled problem-solver, I have developed high-functioning teams of process adherent people. I hold a Bachelor’s in Commerce from the Calcutta University. Please find my CV attached for your review giving details of my contributions and achievements. I am confident that I can achieve similar results for your company.

I hope to hear from you soon to arrange a formal meeting. Thank you.

Krishnendu Bose

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