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Coordination, Positive Attitude
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? Preparing the MIS report and parties purchase order/work orders in busy software & Excel file.
? Prepare division wise Daily Factory reports by colleting & analyzing information.
? Sending the mail to respective client regarding raw material requisition of the company.
? Housekeeping functions tracking, telephone bills, courier services, office maintenance and other purchase parts handling.
? Maintenance of all fixed office assets, record keeping & conduct physical verification.
? Coordination with all division for their requirements. & coordinating with service provider.
? Arranging transportation for the employees. & handling the petty cash.
? Ensure timely supply of all the stationary requirements of all the employees and maintain necessary stock for the same and co-ordinate with admin/purchase Department for stationary requirements.
? Assist HR Department as and when required & Arranging transportation for the employees.
? Organized and celebrate annual functions, birthday parties etc.
? Looking after day to day office activities
? Assisting travel arrangements and ticket booking: domestic & international by air & railways.

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