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Brindavan College: “Founder & Architect of “Brindavan College”
Dr. Majed. A.A. Sabha, B.E., M.B.A., Ph.D. is the founder and Architect of Brindavan College Group of Institutions, Bangalore. He is the recipient of following prestigious awards for best performance and outstanding services. Special Award Presented at KASSIA89 Govt. of India Udyog Rattan Award Presented at Goa 94 Vikas Jyothi Award Presented at New Delhi 95 Hind Rattan Award Presented in 95 Bharath Udyog Award Presented in 96 Rashtriya Nirman Award Presented in 97 National Gold Star Award Presented in 98 Dr. Majed A.A Sabha visualized the need to establish an Education Institution of higher learning. He established N. M. Academy Trust in 1992 and Brindavan College in 1993. Within a short period of years, the college has added 6 post graduation programmes and 9 degree programmes in Physical Sciences, Bio-Sciences and in Commerce and Management. Under his able leadership, the college excelled most of the colleges in Bangalore in Infrastructure, faculty and in academic excellence. This is proved by the recent results of M.Sc Microbiology students who brought 100 Result all securing I Class including I II University Ranks. Brindavan College Group of Institutions is one of the youngest colleges to get permanent affiliation by the Bangalore University and Government. Now his vision is to make Brindavan College Group of Institutions, the best college in all aspects of higher. Apart from this Brindavan College Group of Institutions given opportunities to students to enroll / study in Professional Courses established Brindavan College of Engineering
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