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Brindavan College: Research, Consultancy and Extension
The Brindavan college has constituted a research committee to facilitate and monitor research activity. Although the Brindavan college is not a research center, it encourages the teaching faculty and PG students to undertake research projects and has already sanctioned six such projects. To give more impetus to research activity, the Brindavan college has applied for recognition as centre for Ph.D. The institution has research collaborations at the national level. Teachers have published research articles in national and international journals. The research work done by one student in the department of biotechnology and his inventions of Water Drop Counting Machine and Auto Toothpaste Dispensing Machine received recognition and patent. The P.G department of Bio-technology has started giving consultation to three projects. At present, the college undertakes 15 projects with a total outlay of Rs.1,60,000/- funded entirely by the management. As part of extension activities, the departments of Microbiology and Biotechnology conducted a public exhibition on different aspects of health care, purification of water, drainage systems etc. Brindavan College has managed to organize four extra curricular / co curricular activities in collaboration with other agencies in the campus. NSS unit is very vibrant in the Brindavan college. Out of the total 100 NSS volunteers 56 are boys and 44 are girls. Volunteers of NSS actively participate in various activities of social and public importance and conducted Blood donation camps in collaboration with Rotary club and other voluntary organizations. The unit organizes visits to the villages and slums. Adult literacy and maintenance of cleanliness are two important functions performed by the NSS unit.
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